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HY-3500Semi Automatic Rotary Microtome (Touch Screen Panel)


Product specifications :
? Touch Screen Panel 
? Adopted Germany stepper motor ensure section more precisely ,more reliable and quiet.
? The touch screen panel shows section and trimming thickness ,section counter ,distance stroke of Clamp, easy to do adjustment of Trimming or Section thickness in the touch screen panel
? Special function of specimen retraction which avoid the damage due to the attrition between sample and the back of knife so that the sectioning is more smooth and the life of the knife is more longer .
? The hand wheel can be locked in any position to ensure the sectioning as safe and convenient as possible
? Optional Blade carrier which can use Steel Knife or Blade Holder
? Universal cassette clamp and standard specimen clamp
? The waste tray can be disassembled easily
? Sample orientation:8along the X-Y-axis, rotate 360
? Safety alarm system, overload protection function, sleep mode protection
? The special blade carrier can use high profile blade or low profile blade 
? Blade carrier have angle adjustment 
? Protection guard
? System of balance of hand wheel force: a special system to adjust the balancing force during the section, making the rotation easier and smoother
Technical Data
? Section thickness range: 0.5- 100m 
Setting values :  
From 0.5-2m in 0.5m Cincrements
From 2-10m in 1m Cincrements                  
Form 10-20m in 2m -increments 
Form 20-50m in 5m -increments 
   Form 50-100m in 10m -increments 
? Trimming section thickness range :5-500m 
From 5-10m in 10m Cincrements 
From 10-100m in 10m Cincrements
Form 100-200m in 20m -increments 
Form 200-500m in 50m -increments 
? Horizontal specimen stroke :20 mm 
? Specimen feed speed 1250/s (click) , 2000m/s(keep pressing)
? Vertical specimen stroke : 60mm(70mm optional )
? Specimen retraction :12m
? Precision error: 5%
? Maximum section size: 50 45mm
? Dimension : 520 x 450 x 300mm
? Net weight30kg
? Power Supply : AC110V-220V   50Hz/60Hz
Standard Accessory 
2 types Clamp
1 Blade Carrier (for disposable blade )
1 Waste Tray 
4 pcs Tissue Molds
50pcs Cassettes 
2 pcs Fuse
Optional Accessory 
Blade Carrier(for Blade holder or Steel knife)
Blade Holder 
Microtome Disposable Blade 
Steel Knife 

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