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Automatic microtomeHY-355


HY-355AT Automatic Microtome is a full automatic microtome which is made in China. It has two models for advance system of specimen clamp: automatic model and manual model. If automatic model, the user can release his hands to do other things. It simplifies the technical difficult of the section, release the hardness of labor, and improve the work effect.

2. Main technical parameters
1£©Two model for section : Manual and automatic£¬ the user can switch arbitrarily.
2£©Four speed of section : 50mm/s¡¢100mm/s¡¢140mm/s¡¢180mm/s
3£©Switch arbitrarily between section and trimming .
4£©Alarm system for horizontal and vertical stock limit , protection system for motor surcharge .
5£©Slice thickness range : 0.5-100um
  Setting value: From 0.5-2 um in 0.5um increment.
          From 2-10 um in 1um increment
          From 10-20 um in 2 um increment
          From 20-100 um in 5 um increment
6£©Trimming section range : 0.5-999um.
7£©Horizontal specimen stroke : 20mm 
 Vertical specimen stroke: 60mm
8£©Slip precision : ¡À10%
9£©Speed of fast-forward and back-forward : 1 mm /s
10£©Precise orientation of the specimen clamp.
11£©Orientation of the specimen head: Axes X and Y 8¡ã£¬ axis Z 360¡ã.
12£©All kinds of specimen clamp can be Exchanged arbitrarily
13£©The large waste tray can be disassembled easily.
14£©Voltage and power: AC220V/50Hz¡¢or 110V/60Hz.
15£©Dimension : 500mm ( L) X 320mm (W) X 500 mm ( H)
16) Net weight : 35 kg

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